Our Projects

  • Agriculture


    Agriculture not only gives viches to a notion but the only riches she can call her own farmers have never…

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  • Archeology


    Archeology is a magical gateway to the past.IT is the discipline that complements history best with its hard evidences and…

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  • Asset Managment

    Asset Managment

    Given the importance of facilities and their  place in society,a revolution in facilities management  is occurring.Geographic Information Systems are designed…

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  • Touristic Map

    Touristic Map

    Managing on operative platform on collecting data from different sources,analyzing correctly creaing interactive applications – this dynamic approche to all…

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  • Mobile Alert

    Mobile Alert

    The implementation of cloud computing technology has been a major milestone in the GIS industry. The advantages associated with the…

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  • Data Harmonization

    Data Harmonization

    Harmonization of excisting and creation of new data upen INSPIRE direction standarts needs a new level of know how and…

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